Our solution is an Automatic School Attendance System, which is based on RFID, and operates in wireless mode. The solution comprises of integrated Automatic SMS system which sends automatic SMS notification, as soon as the student arrives / departs from the school.

A child carries a Digital I-Card, which is based on RFID, which they show on the card reader, while entering or leaving the school. Once the student shows the RFID based Identity card, the Real Time messaging system sends an SMS alert to the parents, with the text.

The device is absolutely easy to be operated, and does not require any form of specialized training. A lot of research has gone in developing the protocol of the solution. As per the operating standard, as soon as the student passes through the Smart Gate Reader, an SMS will be triggered automatically to the parents mobile. The system has a well-developed web based interface, which is capable of real time monitoring & reporting. The solution eliminates the need of human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately, with an option of pulling up daily as well as monthly reports in different formats.

The solution can be instrumental in improving student attendance ratio. Since reports can be pulled with just a click, it reduces the administrative work. An administrator can generate customized report, based on his needs. Moreover, user doesn’t have to spend much on trainings, since this is easy to operate. The system has built in notification system, which triggers the alerts, along with real time student dashboard, which will display live data.

Our array of products includes wide range of RFID & biometrics, and surveillance system, providing complete automation to schools and other educational institutions. We use the latest technology, tools and products, in the field of communication. Our solutions work in wireless mode, completely based on cloud services and GPS technology. This is managed by a strong technical support team who monitors cloud services 24/7. We ensure best in class services, right from pre installation of the product to complete implementation. The data will be stored in cloud server in encrypted mode. Moreover, the products are thoroughly tested, before handing over to the client.