If you are an owner of a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, either an individual, a company or even an organization, these services will provide you several benefits. Some of the benefits of using this system includes.
Manage Your Fuel

Increased Productivity Reduced Overtime
Increased Fleet and Workforce Security Reduced Communication Costs
Two-way Communication and Forms Custom Reports
Reduced Private Use Faster Response Times

Reduced Fuel Costs
Better fleet visibility and control
Better fleet utilization
Better fleet safety and security
Other Advantages

Planning the trip route, following its implementation, and receiving a real time indication for work plan violations.
Picking up and distribution, based on computerized planning which includes parameters of time and location.
Producing a report that replays the vehicle movements and its sensors state over a map.
Producing work plan violations reports, and receiving them to your mailbox on a periodic basis.
Producing speed violation reports or delayed arrivals to the pick-ups/distribution stations.
Driver identification at any time.
Tracking the vehicle's mileage, and receiving reports when maintenance is needed, according to the manufacture's orders.
Assigning the available vehicle for the tasks based on the location and information on the closest vehicle to the pick-up location, directly to a display in the vehicle.
Receiving up-to-date information on the vehicle's location, with a wide base of settings and parameters.
ADVANTAGE of GPS Vehicle/Fleet Tracking System.

Reduce operating expenses Save time
Reduce downtime Optimize resources
Reduce insurance costs Maximize vehicle utilization
Keep your customers happy Be more predictable
Manage your field staff and drivers effectively Optimize financial management
Superior route planning Increase the number of trips
Locate your assets Reduce maintenance costs
Ease of use Get timely Alerts
Improve Safety Reduce paperwork
Be competitive