Royal Fuel Level Sensors is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks. Fuel Level Sensors are used to obtain the reliable information about current fuel volume in the vehicle tank, vehicle fuel volume, detect any fuel theft from the tank and determine the amount of fuel Consumption. For every business that operates a fleet of vehicles for example: trucks, locomotives or ships, having a handle on fuel costs is Critical. Fuel is literally the driving force across every mile and in many regions Accounts for the biggest slice of Operational Expenditure. Finding ways to cut fuel costs is beneficial.

Vehicle and Business Efficiency are the main reasons companies invest in telemetry solutions with the desire to achieve fuel savings which is the main driver. To optimize the performance of vehicle assets and drivers, every component of your fleet management system needs to work together efficiently and accurately.At the time when fuel prices are Increasing every day, fuel issues have become one of the top challenges for all the transport providers. Imprecise Routes, Faulty Driving, Fuel Theft,etc are some of the many reasons leading to more Fuel Consumption and Additional Costs. Royal Telematic solution can help you address such issues, thus saving on fuel and improving your profits.


Fuel Monitoring Sensor is installed in the center of a tank and it is connected to the Vehicle Tracking System/GPS. Sensors determine the fuel volume in the tank and generate fuel volume (in liters or in percentage of full tank) in the output message. Fuel level sensor passes the information on raising or lowering of fuel level or volume in the tank to the tracking device. Vehicle tracking system with the help of GPS determines the location and time. The user of a system receives information about changes in fuel level in the form of Parameters or Graphs. Refueling or fuel theft dаta is presented in visual form.


The fuel Monitoring device can be seamlessly integrated into your existing fleet management and fuel monitoring systems. The device is very effective in fuel monitoring on trucks, LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), tractors, school vans, college buses, corporate buses, luxury charters, cabs, special equipment’s, diesel generators etc.,

The device helps in monitoring and indicating unexpected or unusual variations in fuel consumption and updates relevant data instantly including time, location, change in fuel levels in the tank etc., There is no way driver can generate fake bill and fill up the tank with less petrol, as petrol level can be ascertained at any given point.

The device Generates reports in a printable format clearly indicating fuel levels in numbers without graphs. Reading from the graphs can be difficult to accurately know the fuel consumption levels.

The fuel monitoring device can bring a great level of efficiency to your fuel management.

Key Features

Amount of fuel stolen by drivers, mechanics and other thieves the amount of fuel disappeared vs distance covered accurately
Can track unnecessary stop over and detours leading to efficient fuel management Timely information of top up and drain
Analysis of fuel consumption vs distance traversed Prevent low fuel or emergency refilling
Fuel Fill /Removal Reports depicting approximate change in fuel quantity Mileage Report calculates the mileage between two consecutive fuel fillings
Fuel vs Time Graph portrays the consumption of fuel over time in graphical form Fuel vs Distance Graph helps you ensure you aren’t paying for someone else’s gas
Instant SMS alert to designated number(s) in case of an unexpected drop in fuel level 99.20% Accuracy
Real time fuel monitoring of the vehicle 10% to 15% fuel saving
Salient Benefits

Reduced fuel consumption
Better vehicle performance
Increased business profits
Prevents fuel pilferage
Lower operating costs