The SmartGate is a wireless RFID based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RFID based I-Card with them during the school day. It’s simple like normal ID Card. The card is presented to the RFID reader upon either entering or leaving the school premises. The RFID reader is located in a walk-through gate.

As soon as the card is presented, the reader is able to identify the student, their exact location and the time.
Working Protocol

When Student Show the Card on Device, Auto SMS will Delivered to Parents mobile.
Wireless Plug and play system [Just need to put power].
NO Wiring Required
Web based interface, REPORT can be monitored from anywhere across the world.
No need of Internet to run Hardware
No need of computer to run Hardware
Daily absentee report
Working Protocol

Less administration work
Daily attendances register
Monthly attendances register.
Improve student’s attendance ratio.
Very easy operations, no need of skilled or professionals
Customized report.
Real-time Student Entry Dashboard
I Activity [ Built - in Notification System ]