We are proud to introduce our Advanced Europe Technology Software & core products such as GPS Tracking Devices, Fuel Sensors, Speed Governors, RFID Readers, Temperature Sensors, Dash Camera, Walkie – Talkies,etc. We ensure your automobiles are free from accidents, Fuel efficiency & Theft prevention.

We work with pride, so we ensure work around the clock to find a solution for all your needs.

Satisfied Customers:
Customer satisfaction is our priority. Each clients is valuable to us. So we are offer the best service in the business.
Faster & Affordable :
Once you are convinced by our products call us, "we are right on our way for installation and support".
Latest Vehicles:
We are using the products with latest technologies that suits for all types of latest vehicles.
Anywhere in India:
Now with our Gps tracker, track your vehicles anywhere in India. We guarantee you that.
Quality & Commitment:
We are a set team who are determined to offer quality services and take responsibility to our commitments.
24/7 Customer Support:
We don't just leave you there, we are always there to help you till we find a solution for you.
Live weather radar and traffic data empowering dispatchers to route technicians around trouble spots
Technical Consulting & customization

Custom asset management solutions and GPS tracking systems.
Custom hardware integration under your name, logo, and domain.
Re-engineering : We can help customers manage cost reduction, technology changes, and feature enhancements. We can also reengineer your product to improve manufacturing process.
We take up the requirements of clients, understand their needs, suggest and provide a solution as per the requirement.
Our In house R&D team is ready to provide end to end solution to the clients.



Royal GPS Tracker is a highly advanced tracking system that generates extensive amounts of data, which help businesses make and save money. Its rich and intelligent features make it as a necessary platform for vehicle manufacturer, delivery chain, logistics and fleet operation.

Through Royal GPS Tracker, it is easy for you to manage the data obtained from monitoring devices, to see reports, view fuel consumption, manage user accounts, set up billing plans, etc.

What you can do with Royal?

24 hours real-time tracking all your vehicles and check where they have been
Analyze historic trip through playback
Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption via route optimization
View, draw and edit geo-fence
Insightful reports (stop/move/mileage/fuel consumption/ online/offline reports)
Remote control of the vehicle by integrated hardware (start/stop the engine, etc.)
Intelligent dispatch, be in touch with your closest vehicle
Fleet management
Driver behavior analysis
Payment processing
What Makes Royal different?

Multiple languages available
On-site deploy
7/24 customer service
Web/APP (logo, domain, login page) customization
Open API
Fleet management analysis
AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud based

Protect your most valuable vehicles and assets
Identify where losses and damages occur and accurately
Attribute related costs
Reduce the potential for human error
Improve your supply chain processes