Royal Gps has a total urban public transit management solution which enables mass transit operators to plan bus operations on a strategic level, create routes and schedules - while providing operations managers with real-time insight into the status of live bus routes in progress. In short, our solutions for BRTS companies has everything that needed to improve the efficiency and timeliness of daily bus operations. We also provide solutions for private bus fleets, and bus operators using our system have experienced multiple benefits such as on-time performance and operating-cost reductions. Our system is designed to give you a return on your investment in a few months. We help you cut costs by implementing a passenger counting system, an e-ticketing system, reroute management, an advanced fare collection system, and location based advertising on board. Our objective is to reduce operational expenditure, minimize free rides and increase your revenues. Our system gives reliability to passengers. On-time arrivals, departures, and an accurate timetable quickly become possible when transit fleets are programmed to meet schedules.

The Software System includes:

1.Passenger Information System (Web, Mobile, SMS)
2. Automatic fare collection system
3. Smart card solutions
4. Live vehicle tracking
5. Schedule and dispatching
6. Display Master
7. ETA module
8. Passenger Infotainment

Integrated Hardware supplied:

1.Route Information LED display
2. Data Display Terminal
3. Handset Terminal
4. PIS Display LED
5. PIS controller
6. Passenger counter
7. E-ticketing system
8. Turnstiles
9. Telematics GPS Modem