This Short Range RFID Reader can be used within 1 to 5 metre radius.It is used within the school or college campus to locate the child’s movement. It gives an accurate detail for every second of the attached person’s move. It has been given with an automated reading processor.
Technical Specification

Reading distance ID thick card≤50cm,ID thin card≤30cm,special card≤100cm.
Color dark grey
Output format W26/RS232/RS485 select.( Wiegand 26 standard)
Power supply -20°C~+60°C
Frequency 125KHZ,boot-strap self check function.
Dimension 230x 230 x35mm
Model PY-CR34
Size 230x 230 x35mm
Color Dark Grey
Reading Range/th> 70~100CM
Voltage DC2V
Current ≤100mA

Ambient Temperature -25°C~75°C
Output Format Wiegand 26/34,RS485/232
Card Type EM-ID Middle distance card
Work electric voltage The sum settle the electric voltage 12 V(± 30%) DC
Work electric current <300mA
Output a format Wiegand26,34,232 format, the standard RS485 format
Respond to speed <0.2 s
Respond distance Control at gate, test frequently, parking lot, elevator, logistics etc
Use <0.2 s
Characteristics Output to there is protection function, water tightness defend tide design