Constant monitoring and maintenance are the pre requisites while transporting perishable goods over long durations. Royal GPS provides a complete solution dedicated to the refrigerated transport industry sector providing real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and the storage time.

It is indispensable in ensuring a safe and dependable cool- chain and ensures you are alerted the moment when the temperature of the chamber goes out of the threshold value. In fact it monitors all aspects of the performance of the fridge unit.

Dimensions 224mm x 120mm x 60mm + 40mm
Type 5 kOhm NTC-resistors
Conditioner Wheatstone-bridge with +15 Bits ADC
Levels 0 to 50 Volts
Power 12 Volt 3,5 mAmp (+5,5 …. +20 Volt) -5 Volt 1 Amp (-4,5 ….-8 Volt)
Calibration at 0°C and 100°C _ 0,1°C
Drift 1 m°C/°C with periodic calibration and 5 m°C/°C without calibration

GPS + LBS + WIFI positioning Cover dismantlement alarm
Strong magnet Tamper alert
10000mAn battery IPX5 water proof
Intelligent power management Voice monitoring